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Hotel Sea presents you a wonderful holiday with its 15 sea view rooms. All rooms have air condition, LCD Tv, internet, minibar, blow dryer, safe and bath with 24 hours hot water. The swimming pool has a beautiful view of Pırlanta Bay , which is 150 meters from the shore. It has a restaurant and you can find home made cooking at all time.


Çiftlikköy is only 5 km from the center of Cesme. Sandy beaches, good hotels, and with favorable winds for surfing, the tourism center of town was pointed towards to Çiftlikköy.

In the village, on the road side of the coast, hundred or so Greek house is under protection. Interiors of the houses which are remarkable with their architectural features, wooden doors and door knockers’ craftsmanship, can be visited if you would like to.

Fishing is the main livelihood of the village. If you meet the fish boats returning in the morning can get cheap and fresh fish. In the flavor of the fish is another beauty, due to the rocky seabed.

Is cheaper fish restaurants. Remember to ask for, salad and eggplant grilled with garlic made with domestic olive oil. Even if you forgot, they surely remind you.

Besides fish and meat restaurants, small local ones also can be a delicious option to taste different tastes such as flatbread, pita bread, pastries. Even though they are delicious, we still advise you to go fish restaurants as the first option.

There is limited honey production and it’s sold for healing purposes.

If you continue to Çiftlikköy, Altinkum beaches on the south bank of the peninsula can be found. Even in this peninsula the sea provides two options for you. Where the sea is wavy in Çiftlikköy, it is so smooth in Altınkum.

The beaches are filled up with domestic tourists coming from Cesme and Izmir at the weekends. Again, as a different option, for those who like to camp, there are some areas to put up a tent.